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Your Well-Being is at the Heart of our Retirement Village

A wellness lifestyle to promote a positive future.

At Redstone Village, we offer ample opportunities to engage, connect, discover and grow each day. Our blend of activities and outings enrich the body, mind and spirit in order to foster a thriving lifestyle among everyone living here.

This focus on overall wellness sets us apart as a Life Plan senior living community. Our daily exercise classes and healthy menu choices demonstrate our community’s commitment to improving all areas of your well-being, expanding intellectual experiences, and increasing social interactions and connections.  Our goal is to provide ways for our residents grow in all areas of wellness, so they live well and thrive throughout their years.

A glimpse at our activity calendars shows a wide array of choices for well-rounded senior living. Try out Tai Chi or play Wii bowling with friends – we’ve got daily options to keep you healthy and active. Other activities, like puzzles, card games and art classes, keep the brain in shape and improve dexterity. These activities are a great alternative or complement to physical exercise, providing a fun and interactive way to keep your mind sharp. Along with the on-site fitness center featuring specialized equipment designed for seniors and our beautiful indoor pool, Redstone Village delivers the total package for an empowering, well-balanced way of life.

Keep Peace of Mind With Our Life Care Program

Peace of mind is delivered with Redstone Village’s unique comprehensive Life Care program, one of the smartest, most efficient ways to secure your future against the rising costs of long-term care allowing you to lead a more relaxed and confident lifestyle.  The Life Care entrance fee and predictable monthly service fee guarantees residents access to on-site health services, including assisted living, memory support and skilled nursing, if ever needed.  In keeping with our community’s dedication to holistic wellness, our entire staff is trained to provide an enhanced and engaged experience for residents throughout all levels of care at Redstone Village.

Best-selling author, longevity expert and National Geographic Explorer Dan Buettner found that the recipe for longevity is deeply intertwined with community, lifestyle and spirituality in his book, The Blue Zones. People can live longer and healthier by embracing a few simple but impactful habits, and by surrounding themselves with the ideal community. That’s why the senior living culture at Redstone Village revolves around these core ideas and best practices, so that each resident here can grow as an individual and lead a healthier, happier life with a positive outlook for the future.

Invested In A Healthier You at Our Retirement Village

During our optional yearly senior health assessments, we help residents create a plan of action to improve their physical fitness through personalized coaching by our fitness experts. Additionally, Redstone Village offers various wellness programs focused on fall prevention, nutrition, brain health and more. We’re also Huntsville’s only retirement village to partner with Rock Steady Boxing, a unique form of exercise which uses non-contact boxing and other drills to combat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Between our fresh, nourishing dining options and wide range of exercise and movement programs, you’ll discover unmatched support and promotion of healthy aging at our retirement village. This well-rounded approach helps residents to not only sharpen their physical fitness but also nurture their spiritual, intellectual and emotional well-being. The data shows that all of these areas of wellness in aging are impacted by each other, so it’s no surprise that the lifestyle you choose impacts the quality of life you lead – and at our retirement village, it’s as easy as opening your door.

You’ll find it’s surprisingly simple to prioritize your own wellness at our retirement village – because we’re proactively committed to providing the opportunities to do so.  And the result is a healthier you.

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