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Board of Directors

Local leadership has its advantages.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a secure social lifestyle within a hospitable community.

Board of Directors

  • Richard Finch, M.D., FACP
    Richard Finch, M.D., FACP
  • Tom Houser
    Tom Houser
    Vice President
  • Sally Shepard
    Sally Shepard
  • Col. Art Meier
    Col. Art Meier
  • Joycelyn Craighead
    Joycelyn Craighead
  • Robert DeNeefe
    Robert DeNeefe
  • Jean Summers
    Jean Summers
  • Col. James Bizer
    Col. James Bizer
  • Christy Nailey
    Christy Nailey
  • Marilyn Grundy
    Marilyn Grundy
  • Walter Butler
    Walter Butler
  • Patty Angles
    Patty Angles
  • Scott Shifrin
    Scott Shifrin
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