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Board of Directors

Local Leadership Has Its Advantages

Our Mission Statement

To provide a secure social lifestyle within a hospitable community.

Our Background

More than 20 years ago, a group of forward-thinking individuals began discussing the need for a different kind of senior citizen community within the Huntsville community. Although other retirement communities certainly existed in the area, none encompassed their vision – which was to create a community giving seniors the peace of mind to fully enjoy life without the worry of future health care costs if ever needed. Their ideas laid the groundwork for Life Care at Redstone Village, the full continuum of quality, on-site care that remains steadfast as the foundation of our senior citizen community today.

The founders put their diverse backgrounds in defense, education and health care to work, forming a not-for-profit association to develop this concept for the greater Huntsville community. Unlike other senior citizen communities in the area that are owned by for-profit, out-of-state organizations, Redstone Village is locally owned and managed by a Board of Directors. Because all members of our Board live in the greater Huntsville community, all decisions concerning the management of Redstone Village are made here in Huntsville and truly reflect the needs of our community.

Board of Directors

  • Col. Art Meier
    Col. Art Meier
    President & Finance
  • Tom Houser
    Tom Houser
    1st Vice President
  • Patty Angles
    Patty Angles
  • Jackson Balch
    Jackson Balch
  • Walter Butler
    Walter Butler
  • Mac Buttram
    Mac Buttram
  • Joycelyn Craighead
    Joycelyn Craighead
  • Christy Nailey
    Christy Nailey
  • Scott Shifrin
    Scott Shifrin
  • Marc Jacobson
    Marc Jacobson
  • Steve Hill
    Steve Hill
  • Fred Bickley
    Fred Bickley
  • Paul Pardew
    Paul Pardew
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