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The People’s Choice for Senior Living

Everyone’s Talking About Huntsville’s Best Residential Community

This is your chance for an insider’s look at our Life Plan senior living community, with independent living and onsite health services including assisted living, skilled nursing and memory support. You’ll get an authentic sense of what life is like at Redstone Village by residents sharing their experiences and seeing the community firsthand, inside and out.

Here’s what residents and families are saying about Redstone Village:

“The fact that Redstone has taken all precautions to ensure a safe community while continuing to enjoy the pleasures of retirement is very reassuring in this uncertain time, especially having a family member in a higher risk category. It’s a comfort to know that the support staff at Redstone Village go the extra mile to keep everyone safe and secure – providing us great peace of mind.” – Scott Shifrin, son of Resident and Redstone Village Board Member

“Besides measures taken to protect our health and continuing our delicious meals, many delightful experiences have been added to life at The Village. When the doorbell rings, we don’t know if there will be a “roving party” with beverage and snack cart, a few puzzles to work out or another staffer pulling a load of ice cream bars and popsicles for an afternoon treat. One resident musician has given afternoon keyboard concerts for all on the balconies to enjoy, and some evenings we enjoy the music of a strolling bagpiper. One thing is clear: We residents are never forgotten by the great staff here. So glad we’ve made Redstone Village our home!” – Nina Senn, Resident

“The underground parking here is a big appeal for men out there who love a garage. It’s such a comfort to come home in the rain, pull under the building to unload groceries, have a short walk over to the elevator and then be in your apartment in five minutes. You can polish your car or do other things that men usually do in a garage. It was the deciding factor in my choice of Redstone Village over other senior living places in Huntsville.” – Bob Senn, Resident

“During the last few years as my wife and I looked at different options around Huntsville, we came to realize a Life Care community would be a good retirement goal. After much consideration and prayer, we chose Redstone Village as our future home. After a few months of living here, my wife’s dementia became worse, so she went over to Memory Care. We are absolutely positive the Lord wanted us to be here.” – Bill Clark, Resident

“Opportunities abound, yet we are able to do our own thing if we wish. We are both lap swimmers and very much enjoy the saltwater pool. As a gardener, I enjoy having a backyard to make my own. The new yard is just the right size for our ambitions and energy.” – Gail Futoran, Villa Resident

“The welcoming attitude of the residents and staff at Redstone Village truly stands out. We had food delivered to the house by the staff on the day we were moving in as well as welcome gifts from the Resident Council and some of the neighbors.”              – Bob Futoran, Villa Resident


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