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Healthy Senior Living Only a Few Steps Away


Each new day at Redstone Village brings an exciting variety of senior fitness opportunities — helping our residents stay healthy and feel younger. From low-impact aerobics and yoga to hiking and swimming, we’ve got something for every fitness and strength level, and we’re proud to support healthy senior living through regular exercise. Our staff is committed to providing opportunities to achieve holistic wellness and overall well-being through physical, social and intellectual health initiatives. We strive to offer a wide range of options to help all of our residents define what aging successfully means to them.


It’s never too late to pursue a healthy lifestyle! Staying physically active is important to healthy senior living — it helps you continue to do the things you enjoy and maintain your independence, regardless of your age. Health experts recommend seniors exercise a minimum of two days per week — or optimally every day — to maintain their health.

Redstone Village makes senior fitness a breeze, and our dedicated staff helps residents identify and achieve their individual wellness goals. Our residents enjoy the convenience of simply stepping outside their doors to participate in the variety of physical and social activities we offer. Whether you’re joining a class or taking a stroll through our scenic campus, there are always opportunities to get moving.

Stretching and yoga can have many benefits for seniors, like improved flexibility and joint movement, as well as increased circulation in the arms and legs. Swimming in our beautiful aquatic center provides a refreshing and exhilarating way to get your heart pumping, without a negative impact on your joints. Check out some of the other ways our residents stay active:

  • Low-impact & Basic Aerobics
  • Bicycling
  • Balance
  • Tai Chi for Balance
  • Qi Gong
  • Gentle Stretching
  • Outdoor Gardening
  • Lap Swimming
  • Water Fitness
  •  Rock Steady BoxingYoga
  • Tabletop Sports


Redstone Village takes pride in providing a secure, welcoming environment for all residents. Our vibrant community is the perfect setting for creating new health and wellness goals — or maintaining a life-long passion for staying active. Healthy senior living looks different for every individual, and we look forward to helping you identify your own version of whole-person wellness.

We encourage you to explore all the senior fitness opportunities we have to offer – we’re certain you’ll find something you love that gets you moving and keeps you looking and feeling your best. Our active senior living community is just what the doctor ordered.

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