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Frequently Asked Questions about Redstone Village

Learn more about our continuing care retirement community.

Why is Redstone Village designated as a not-for-profit organization/community?

In compliance with the definition provided by the Internal Revenue Service, Redstone Village is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit community, meaning it is entitled to tax exemption and has a Board which serves voluntarily (without compensation). By providing funding for those who would otherwise no longer have sufficient financial resources to continue living at the community, Redstone Village also offers a charitable aspect. Lastly, as is common practice for most non-profit entities, Redstone Village reinvests any excess revenue back into the community for its benefit and improvement as well as to its residents.

Who sponsors and stands behind Redstone Village?

Redstone Village is sponsored by the Redstone Military Retirement Residence Association and its board of directors, who are committed to fulfilling the needs and desires of its residents, as well as to follow the mission statement established at the inception of the community. The board is comprised entirely of local members and officers who reside in the greater Huntsville area.

How large is the campus?

Redstone Village is sprawled over 114 acres and nestled atop Farley Mountain in southeast Huntsville in the foothills of the Appalachians. Surrounded by beautiful mountain views, the community offers a commons area of nearly 10,000 sq ft, plus an indoor aquatics/fitness center.

What levels of care are available?

As a comprehensive Life Plan community offering a full continuum of care, Redstone Village provides independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and short-term rehabilitation. Our various living options bring added reassurance and a seamless transition across every level of care.

What floor plans are available?

Redstone Village offers 15 different floor plans in independent living, each of which includes a reserved underground parking garage space and three floor plans for villas and cottages (each includes an attached two-car garage.) The top-rated health care center in the area includes 48 private assisted living residences offering three floor plans (Grandview); 48 private memory support residences (Grandview Gardens); and 56 private skilled nursing suites, as well as four shared/companion accommodations (Fairview).

What is the difference between a villa and a cottage home?

The villas are free-standing, single-family homes, while the cottages have a shared wall along the two-car garage that adjoins to another cottage. Each is of equal size and similar layout.

Does the community allow pets?

We fully recognize the importance of pets in the lives of residents, and we welcome pets that you agree to care for yourself while they reside with you at Redstone Village. Community guidelines regarding pets will be provided.

Can I decorate my apartment and personalize it?

For those who’d like to put their own stamp on their new residence, Redstone Village offers a Selection Display Studio where individuals can choose finishes reflecting their personal tastes and preferences before ever moving in. Residents can then add their own furniture and décor for a truly personalized living space.

Why do people decide to live at Redstone Village? What are the benefits they like most?

Communities such as Redstone Village are referred to (nationally) as a Life Plan community, meaning it assures individuals of quality of life regardless of future health difficulties. Planning for the future is less worrisome with this peace of mind, which in turn provides more time to do the things that matter most. Some residents even feel this has allowed them to live longer, healthier and more satisfying lives.

What types of activities and events does the community offer?

From community-wide festivals to small group outings, every day at Redstone Village brings a full calendar of activities for enrichment, entertainment and fun. Our community also provides volunteering opportunities for residents to contribute their time and energy to various causes throughout the greater Huntsville area. By getting involved in activities, many residents find their circle of friends just keeps growing while living at Redstone Village.

Why did Redstone Village choose to include Life Care protection with each of its residents?

Redstone Village and its not-for-profit board of directors decided to offer a comprehensive way of addressing and covering the “what-ifs” of life. While everyone hopes not to require the use of the Life Care guarantee, it provides a greater peace of mind in the case of life changes.

How are both the entry fee and the monthly service fees qualified as tax deductible?

Each year, according to the proportion of dollars used to operate Redstone Village’s health care center, a certain percentage of the entry fee (if paid that particular year) and monthly services fees (paid each year) is eligible for use as a tax deduction under the category of pre-paid medical expenses. Once the percentage amount is determined, it is then released to each resident for tax preparation purposes.

What voice/input opportunities do Redstone Village residents have?

The Residents Council, with its many sub-committees, makes recommendations, advises and provides an all-important resident perspective to the management team and board of directors.

Do you accept donations in memory of friends or loved ones?

To make a donation to our Benevolent Fund in honor of or in memory of a loved one, please contact the Redstone Village business office at 800-724-5535. All donations are greatly appreciated as these funds assist residents who have a financial need.

Continuing Care at Redstone Village

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