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Dementia Care at Redstone Village

We’re here to help.

Dementia refers to a group of symptoms that negatively impact a person’s memory, some of which are treatable. Every four seconds in the world, a new case of dementia is diagnosed; and, at Redstone Village, we empathize with the overwhelming feelings and concerns that come along with that diagnosis, not only for the individuals who have been diagnosed but also for those who care for them. You may be feeling worried about your loved one and wondering how to tell the difference between dementia and age-related forgetfulness – we’re here to help every step of the way.

When a loved one is struggling with memory impairment, dementia care at Redstone Village’s Grandview Gardens can provide a sense of relief, as we work together to create a plan focused on their symptoms, causes and treatment options. The homelike setting, secured courtyards and personalized activities at our memory support neighborhood help your loved one feel connected to the community and engaged, while personalized schedules provide the enjoyment of lifelong pastimes as well as new interests. Our own holistic wellness program, Masterful Moments™, empowers residents to engage in activities that promote physical, intellectual, social and spiritual growth.

Innovative Memory Support

Our innovative memory support neighborhood was created to anticipate the needs of those with memory loss — we’ve gone above and beyond in an effort to slow the decline and effects of dementia and to help maintain your loved one’s health and happiness in a safe, welcoming environment. Our unique Memory Lane area features relics from days gone by, including an old-fashioned general store, soda shop and even a full-size 1956 Thunderbird. We also pay tribute to our area’s rich military history with a floor-to-ceiling replica of the Saturn V Rocket and a beautiful constellation ceiling.

Quality of Life Matters

Our private memory care residences are designed to provide the utmost in both safety and support. We use enhanced security measures to accommodate the needs of our residents, ensuring they maintain as much independence as possible while still remaining protected within our dementia care neighborhood. Furthermore, the open, accessible courtyards and gathering areas encourage familiarity, camaraderie and connections between neighbors, family members and our associates.

Discover the peace of mind and sense of assurance that specialized dementia care at Grandview Gardens at Redstone Village can bring to you and your loved one, as they look to a life of greater comfort and contentment. Call today for more information.

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